A Quick Thought - On the Brigham St. Park Project

So lately, I've been so busy at work, that I've been hard-pressed to even think about this blog, so I'm sorry for the time between postings.

Most of the concentration outside of work has been devoted to the Brigham St. Park Project. I'm so proud of how far this project has come - from a neighborhood rallying against an ill-conceived restaurant project, to our Summer Workshops, to our present strategic planning for a budget and fundraising.

The vision is expanding to include the rehabilitation and restoration of Plumb Beach - as if we didn't have a big enough task on our hands. But honestly, conditions like this on the Bike Path need to be addressed.

To me, the Project is already a success. Look at all the good that's come out of it already. The Project has shined a light on the conditions of Plumb Beach, especially the deterioration of the bike path that you see here. Recently, the Sheepshead Bay / Plumb Beach Civic Association submitted a position paper to Congressman Weiner on possible solutions to the problems at Plumb Beach, and if it weren't for the efforts of New Yorkers For Parks and our design fellows educating us over the summer, we wouldn't know the first thing of what to submit.

Also, the Project has been a positive thing for many in our neighborhood to look forward to in these times of doom and gloom and dismal futures. It remains a project steeped in idealism, not bogged down in realism. As we get closer to coming up with a concrete plan for turning vision into reality, rest assured that there's plenty of work for all, and everyone's input is welcomed.

I'm not saying it's going to be done in a year, or even two, but I feel more than ever that it will get done. In the coming days, I'll be talking more specifically about the Civic's future and the Park Project - so be on the lookout for more exciting information here!

Oh, and hopefully, I'll answer a few more Avvo questions soon!