Much To Smile About

I would’ve never thought that my first blog of 2010 would have come a full two months into this new decade, but here we are. So far, 2010 has been a year of renewed optimism personally, professionally as well as politically. I’ve had the opportunity to take on lots of new projects and responsibilities – in fact, in my next blog, I hope to update you all on the new projects I’ve taken on as well as the ones I’m currently invested in and committed to completing.

Optimism abounds. Maybe it’s the fact that hope springs eternal this time of year (despite the mounds of snow that cover everything), or that pitchers and catchers have long since reported, or that Staten Island Chuck called for a short winter, but there’s something in the air this year.

Especially in my political sphere, there is much cause for optimism. The last two Republican events I’ve attended have had a positive feel the like of which I haven’t seen in other places. You may have heard about them on my brand spankin’ new CinchCast widget on the site (by the way, I highly recommend using Cinch. Think of it like Twitter when all you have is a phone at your disposal. It’s pretty cool.)

- First off, I had the good fortune of receiving an invitation to speak before the Brownstone Republican Club for its opening meeting of the year. I was invited to speak about use of the internet in campaigning and for political purposes. (here a rare shot of me with my mouth SHUT!) I was happy to once again find myself in the company of Joe Nardiello, who was recently voted Club President, and Bob Capano, who was also speaking about the political climate in New York and beyond. Together, we made up what we all hope was the first of many waves of new young Republicans stepping up to run for office (and given how 2010 has started, I see that the trend is continuing!) The turnout was encouraging, as Sam Restaurant on Court St. was packed with local residents, borough leaders and supporters from outside of Brooklyn. A nice mix, to be sure.

- Later on in the week, I attended a great Victory Committee gathering at RoSal’s Restaurant (a GREAT place – and I’m not just saying that as a long-time patron and friend of the ownership!) in the heart of the 47th Assembly District. I was shocked and pleased to find over 150 Republicans (75% of which I never met before!) gathered to listen to candidates running for office in 2010 (many of whom you will get to know soon enough!) The crowd was so big that I couldn't fit everyone in the panoramic I took with my camera phone - there were 4 tables on the ends. There was a great energy in the room – the crowd rallied around the “red meat” served up by young vibrant speakers like Mike Allegretti, Joseph Hayon and Ken Rice. The base in the 47th is energized – I even got a colleague to attend and register Republican!

And the hits keep on coming this week, with an under-30 Republican Event at Korzo. Hopefully, they’ll let this 31 ½ year old in the door without an ID check.

It's nice to think that I was a teeny tiny part of this renewed feeling of positivity. I am personally going to take a cue from this optimistic tone that I’ve experienced – no more blogs reacting to the pervasively negativity out there on the web. The mood online does not reflect the mood on the street, and I’m all about the street.

I likened the 2009 campaigns as the first of what I hope are many waves crashing on the shore of politics as usual. Well based on what I’ve seen lately in 2010, surf’s up once again.