Shrug Off Atlas - A Call For Unity

The word "reform" is thrown around by all sorts - mostly by those who do not care about actual reform itself. Most of the time, it's the power-hungry who use it as a guise to take that which they think they are entitled: the mantle of leader. It's a useful tool because the promise of "reform" calls many "true believers" to action who wish to see brighter days ahead. Out with the wicked ways of old, in with the fresh and new.

But, how often is that promise little more than words? Sure, some change comes, some for the better, some for the worse. But it's mostly in name only - nine times out of ten, no real "reform" occurs. The "same old" prevails, and "reformer" transitions to "establishment". That's mostly because those leading the "reform" movement do not have true "reform" as a goal.

Most of the time, talkers of "reform" spew two things - what's wrong, and who they blame. That's the easy part. But when rubber meets the road, and the transition must be made from spotlight to the trenches - when the real work is to begin - a scant few "true believers" are left with little left to believe in, and no tangible accomplishments. Disenchantment, bitterness and apathy win out as a result.

Such is the case with "Atlas Shrugs In Brooklyn", an anonymous blog (and I use that term loosely) that have offered little than the above to the local political discourse. Let me correct that, they've also added a huge distraction from the real work to be done in this most important time for the Republican Party.

Scroll the postings on the site and you'll see a flame war the size of a California wildfire engulfing all chances of any real "reform" that may (or may not) had been the goal of its unknown author(s) and/or commenter(s). <After all, he/she/they are anonymous - I don't know how many there are involved!> The site is littered with anonymous / pseudonymous personal attacks of the "establishment" - and their families, businesses, partners, affiliated charities, associations and associates. And apparently, victims of such attacks and/or their supporters respond back in kind against those shrouded attackers with ad hominem slings and arrows of their own toward the "reformers" - all without the responsibility of owning their words. I've recently likened the site to the political equivalent of a fiery car wreck where gawkers gather to watch everything burn.

And the site owner(s) do nothing to direct the discourse constructively. To me, that's a clue that real "reform" isn't the goal - disparaging people in "leadership" is the true goal. After all, if the goal was something constructive like reforming the Republican Party in Brooklyn, wouldn't the site owner(s) moderate, direct and transition the flame battles from destructive to constructive? But instead of working toward "reform", no moderation occurs, and a blame game ensues, talking about "so-and-so started it" and what not.

It's a farce of a "reform" movement.

This site has brought the worst out of all sides who choose to engage in actions that would result in a spanking for petulance! Both sides who engage in the argument at Atlas are to blame for its current state.

If this is the best that we can expect from the movement to"reform", then count me out.

Allow me now to practice what I preach: in the spirit of true reform, I put this plan to begin working together out to all parties concerned:

Whether you are "establishment" or "reform" - minded, I think it's time that we all "shrug off" Atlas and its destructive, wasteful culture. No good has come from it, and no good is going to come from it in the near future. Stop contributing to the madness. Let the final embers burn off and let it fall to the wayside of irrelevance.

The bickering, insults and childish behavior must end. It's embarrassing.

To those who want reform: It's time to get constructive. Engage the leadership. After all, didn't Chairman Eaton say upon re-election that his door is open? If you believe him or not is not the issue - hold him to his words! Some have already. If you see that no one is there on the other side of the door to listen, then call him and the leadership out for not keeping their word.

Also, if you are true to reform, then stand up and be counted for reform. Let everyone know who you are. Come out of the shadows of anonymity. Take it from someone who stepped up to a challenge, you will have your name dragged through some mud, but you will earn respect and gratitude as well.

Finally, don't wait to be invited in - knock down the door if you have to. Change is never invited, so push, prod, nudge, but always in the spirit of cooperation.

To those currently in the leadership: If we are to grow, and ultimately win, we must be inclusive. Welcome newcomers and their ideas. How many times have we all complained that we need more people to shoulder the load? Give them direction and the benefit of your knowledge. New is NOT always bad. There is some enthusiasm out there to be embraced and harnessed in the year to come. We have a great opportunity here that we cannot waste, because if we do, then a generation of Republicans suffer for our waste.

The most important political cycle is upon all of us. We need all hands on deck. We need to have our ships sailing in the same direction. We need all resources and all energies directed together. If we don't, then we lose. It's that simple. We need soldiers willing to work and learn standing on the front lines fighting for the ideals that will ultimately save our state - less, more efficient government that doesn't tax the life out of all of us.

I know I will devote all of my efforts toward victory. Will you?