Without Any Further Delay...

Oh, I"m sorry, were you waiting long?

I know, I know, it's been awhile between posts. But in my defense, I've been busy! It's not like I haven't been on here - I'm still answering some Avvo questions, and hey, I spruced up the joint a little so that left bar actually has something on it... I've been joining every website in creation! Take a look.

OK, OK, enough excuses. Here's a quick summary of what's been going on in the past few weeks:

- Work has been picking up... A LOT. I'm starting to feel more and more comfortable in a courtroom setting (though I know I have a LONG way to go), and I"m starting to pick up the pace in my writing and researching. I definitely noticed it this week when I turned out a relative simple reply in opposition to a motion in 90 minutes. Every week, I'm feeling more and more comfortable in my transformation from transaction to litigation.

- Outside of work, I've come to re-connect with so many old friends through Facebook. I've always been a sentimental kind of guy, and this trip down memory lane has been amazingly special. I've broken out all the old yearbooks, and have had a great time looking back. I've even re-connected with people from my St. Mark's days, and have been kickin' myself about noy remembering so much from those days. It's so great to see so many friends doing so well with work and family.

(And for those of you who had the good... no, no... the GREAT sense to join my blog's NetworkedBlogs page, thank you very much for the support - and this time, I really will keep in touch. )

- Back to business: my work with the Civic Association has picked up on many fronts. We're diving into the situation with Lundy's with both feet. For those of you catching up, there's been a swirl of controversy surrounding the future of Sheepshead Bay's landmark. Confusion reigns as there is a conflict over whether the newest tenant is conforming with the Special Sheepshead Bay District by placing a... well at this point, we don't really know, a restaurant / market, or a market/restaurant. There's also a fight between local politicians and the new tenant over construction that appears to be changing the outside of the building - a big no-no when it comes to landmarks. Politicians have railed against the new tenants and their work, and - in the name of preservation - are attempting to block this business (whatever it may be) from opening.

(Between you and me, all this talk of "preservation" personally turns my stomach a little. I mean, where were many of these same politicians when Sheepshead Bay was being destroyed by over-development that the area couldn't handle - projects that are still empty years later? The answer for some is nowhere to be found, and for others - well, let's say that I advise you to look up the campaign contributions of some elected officials in our area. You may find a lot of names of developers and contractors as contributors. For them, the "preservation" argument is an angle for getting some good press - it's disingenuous.)

So the SB/PBCA has decided that it's time to clear things up.

That's right - a meeting INSIDE Lundy's. Basically, the Civic is calling for everyone to put their cards on the table so everyone can make an INFORMED opinion about the future of Lundy's. If you're in the area, show up, come listen, bring your questions, and bring a friend!

- Things at Gotham are picking up! Baseball Digest LIVE debuted this week from Foley's Pub (across the street from the Empire State Building), and it's already a smash with the audience in the bar. We've even had some surprises - Former Yankee All-Star Pitcher Fritz Petersen showed up for lunch and ended up as an improptu guest with my pals, Mark Healey and Joe (Janoosh) Janish. You can listen to all the shows LIVE or on archive at BaseballDigest.com.

On top of all the excitement with BaseballDigest.com, FantasyPros911 has EXPLODED on the scene! According to my partner (in crime) Paul Greco, Fantasy Pros 911 has over TWO HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND VISITS in its first month, according to Google Analytics. That's a helleva start. Congrats to all the guys on the FP911 Team!

- Finally, what post would be complete without a mention of the Brigham Street Park Project? At this point, I'm all about grant writing (there are, after all, 24 useful hour in each day - might as well use them all!) and introducing all local stakeholders to the Project. More to come on this when I have more to talk about!

So that's about it. (That's it? I'm tired just typing it!) I promise, I won't keep you waiting this long between posts again.