Kickin' Into High Gear - With a Little Help!

Many people have asked me, "So when are you going to really start your campaign?" To be honest, I didn't feel comfortable campaigning and taking people's money unless I was securely on the ballot.

Well, that arcane, out-of-date, draconian process known as petitioning is finally over for me, and I'm proud to have the endorsement of both the Republican and Conservative parties.

So it's time to set this campaign off! August 9th at 10 AM at Cherry Hill Gourmet, I'll be officially starting my campaign. And in doing so, I'm enlisting the help of a few new friends of mine.

Alex Zablocki is running for NYC Public Advocate - you may have seen an idea we collaborated on regarding the plans for Canarsie Cemetery. In my opinion, Alex is one of the bright young stars of the New York political scene. His grassroots campaign is spreading throughout the city - and with good reason. Alex is intelligent, energetic and never afraid to take on all challenges.

Joe Mendola is running for NYC Comptroller. When you talk to Joe, you immediately realize how imminently qualified he is to manage the city's finances. With the personal exception that he graduated from Fordham (Let's Go Jaspers!), Joe's resume is more impressive than any other Comptroller candidate. But just as important is Joe's commitment to his family and his community.

Alex Zablocki and Joe Mendola comprise the first citywide Republican ticket in the past 12 years! Thanks to them, we are striding in the right direction!

Marc D'Ottavio is running for Brooklyn Borough President. As a Vice Chair of the Republican Party in Brooklyn, Marc has been instrumental in the effort to get the party back on the map. Marc will be an advocate for small business, and a fighter against BP Markowitz's "monument to himself" known as the amphitheater in Asser Levy Park.

Folks, we're the candidates out there that the Brooklyn political machine do not want you to know even exist. We're the candidates that will actually remember that we come from the people, and will listen to you.

We're all up against career politicians who have forgotten who's really in charge. They've forgotten that public service means actually serving the people - not further personal ambition.

Help us get the word out! Come out next Sunday! Bring a friend! Bring two friends! Come to listen, but know that we're coming to listen as well.

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