Media Blitz!

Something has been happening lately that I haven't seen before in this area of Brooklyn: there is actual coverage of a real political race. And I'm in the middle of it!

Don't just take my word for it - look at the local papers. So few of us do on a regular basis, but check it out. From whatever incarnation of Courier Life Publications (CNG) to the Canarsie Courier, we can all read about a local race where we have a Republican and a Democrat actively campaigning, bringing issues and solutions to the people in the district who care to listen.

And it's not happening in Bay Ridge, either!

Courier Life has jokingly called it the "Fight of the Century" based, in part, on what they call my "pugnacity" and have even created a political caricature to go along with their coverage, for goodness sakes.

When is the last time THAT happened 'round these parts!

This is the start of something big. The papers have started to take notice of this race, and I hope that the people shortly follow.

Another little victory came out of this campaign - politics around here is changing. There is no "token" challenge here, there's a real race. That's a victory we can all share!

I'm still a longshot in this council race - no doubt. But not as much of one as I was yesterday. And as long as we keep getting the word out - through the media, different events, word of mouth, whatever! - those little victories may add up to a really big one in November!

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