Adult Swim

As some of you may have figured out by now, I am now writing a regular column online for the Brooklyn GOP. I've been given carte blanche to write what I feel are relevant federal, state, city and local issues. It's my effort to initiate some mature, topical political discussion - something that has been lacking as of late. It's a lot of ground to cover, but so far the response has been plenty positive.

The new "gig" notwithstanding, nothing beats writing here - where I can give my unvarnished opinion on matters and where the words are mine and mine alone.

Speaking of said unvarnished opinion, here it is: The local political landscape has been littered by the baseless propaganda of a bunch of armchair politicians who have no idea what real life in local politics is really all about. I swear, I've read the word "demagoguery" more in the past week than I have in years - and such a word is part of the parlance of the pretentious, the poser, and the wanna-be - three classes of people that I have no time for at all. But while the heavy-handed words remain, the dignity left months ago.

So how about this for a change. Let's all get real.

Let's all start supports accusation with a modicum of fact. Let's all start spending time researching and putting in the work to sound like an intelligent human being instead of working on the next inane YouTube video. Let's all get constructive. Because right now, there is no way anyone who chooses to take part in local political online "discourse" could take what's going on right now seriously.

It's time for the kiddies to all have sit their tantrums out in the time-out chair, and leave things to the grownups.

It's time for the adults to unplug the computers and ground the little big men and little missys out there who think they know a thing or two because they read about it in a book or whatever when in fact, their knowledge doesn't amount to anything in real world terms. Because they've made a mess of things, a mess us grownups will clean up, because that's what we do.

Maybe one day they'll learn, but at this rate, it's anyone's guess.

Oh, and to those grownups out there: I offer my comments section for your use. We could all use some quality time away from the cranks.

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