A Life Less Exciting... For Once

Writer's block. It's an ugly, ugly thing. Especially when you have a normal run-of-the mill, uneventful week.

So since there's not much goin' on in my life that's worth writing about, let's take a moment for some quick updates:

  • First, we'll put a period at the end of the last week's topic. While I didn't get response on the site to my last posting, I did get into a very lively conversation with members of Urban Elephants. at the beginning of this week. You can check it out on their website. It was, for the most part, productive. I enjoyed the opportunity to exchange views, and as I said on their site, felt it was a real education into how others feel about the whole situation regarding Bloomberg and the GOP. While I'm unswayed by their arguments, it's good to see Republicans in NYC that are so passionate.
  • My good friend and colleague Marty Hoffenberg has started his own blog, and I invite all of you to check it out. From the looks of it, Marty will be focusing on his views of national and international news. Bookmark "What in the World" and check it out often.
  • Work has been super busy - and I continue to learn a whole lot. I put forth my first argument in chambers this week and I think I did pretty well! I got the stay of judgment that I was asking for - my first tangible result. It's all baby steps, I know. But at the same time, I feel like I've grown tremendously since I started in October.
  • With Spring Training in full swing, I'm happy to say that my partners in Gotham Sports Media is all over it! Guys like my good friends Mark Healey, Paul Greco and Joe Janish are doing a great job with BaseballDigest.com, our internet radio show Baseball Digest Live! and FantasyPros911 and its family of shows. If you're a Fantasy Baseball junkie, you should definitely head to Foley's New York this coming Friday to meet with Gotham's Fantasy Experts for TOUT NIGHT! While I don't have many free moments to check in with them, I know that the business is in great hands.
That's pretty much it - my daily life this week was pretty boring... go to work, work, leave work, work on everything I can't work on at work while at hime at night and on weekends, sleep and then repeat.

Good thing that I love what I do!

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