NY Politics: Have We Had Enough Yet?

Congestion pricing, the Ravitch Plan, the Kheel Plan, ... and then in the end, we get no plan.

And the consolation prize - new taxes and new tolls, with less service.

Is this not the very definiton of madness?

This latest botched job is just another sign of a larger systemic problem that is pervasive in New York City and the DState. To put it simply, our elected officials just don't give a damn. The system isn't broken, it's just the people in it that are cracked.

How much more evidence do we need to show us that the "leaders" in our city and state institutions could care less about the will of the people? It became plainly obvious in our City when 29 "legislators" ignored almost 90% of the people by voting to modify term limits. It's continued up into the "leadership" in our State legislatures and the Governor's mansion when "our people in Albany" hijacked any plan to bailout the average hard-working New Yorker.

Maybe the real madness is that we expected a different result from the same people who keep burning all of us.

When our lives turn into the proverbial "political football", then something has to be done. And step one should be "punting" those officials who have become so out of touch with the people of our city.

I've seen this kind of talk on other blogs - I only hope that some of the People reading see the need to step up. I can't help but wonder if the fire that lives in the soul of every New Yorker - that New York attitude that takes nothing from nobody. - is burning as bright.

I do believe that there are those out there trying to douse iour New York spirit, namely our "leaders" who see an active electorate as more of a hindrance than the heart of what makes us Americans.

And that makes me angry.

We've been beaten down by those who claim to "represent" us. They've all forgotten that they work for us - that they serve at our whim. And we've let them forget that.

So what are we going to do about it? If our track record is any indication - not much. After all, incumbents aren't scared of the electorate because they get re-elected overwhelmingly.

But, though I'm angry, I am also hopeful. I hope that this could this be the year that the sleeping giant that is the people of New York City awaken, find their city heading to ruins, and decide to step up.

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