For Sale: State Senator

(People are going to say that by what writing what you’re about to read that I am once again throwing my hat into the political ring. Let me state upfront and definitively that I am not now nor will I be a candidate for any office in 2010. With that disclaimer in mind, let’s get into it.)

Brooklyn is suffering from a political infirmity named Carl Kruger.

The man is a local embarrassment and a blight in the State Senate, which is saying a lot considering the state of the Senate.

Local papers and blogs have recently picked up on Mr. Kruger’s most recent behavior in the setting of the state’s fiscal crisis - and Mr. Kruger's uncanny tendency to vote in favor of the position of his hefty political donors. I encourage you to read Ned Berke’s summary of recent events on Sheepshead Bites. I won’t re-hash what Ned so ably covered, so go check it out!

Here is one nugget that Ned missed from the Village Voice:
Proof that Kruger operates on a different planet from the rest of us came in March when the Voice tried to ridicule him as the would-be Hugo Chavez of south Brooklyn. The article described hordes of cheering constituents shouting, "All the way with Chairman K!"

This effort at mockery failed miserably. Kruger had an aide call up and ask for permission to reprint the article, "Vanguard of the Senate Revolution."

We weren't sure we heard him right. "He wants to reprint it?" we asked.

"Yes, he's very proud of it," the aide insisted.

This proved conclusively that satire is always dangerous when dealing with the deranged. "Go ahead," we told him. "Knock yourself out."
Singular point of view notwithstanding, those who have seen him in action know that what has recently reached the mainstream media is par for the course for our Senator. Whether it’s accepting over $100,000 from developers with projects in Sheepshead Bay that virtually destroyed our waterfront during the building boom (check the archives of “Friends of Carl” from 2004 and 2005 – he was the developer’s best friend, as exhibited by this flyer that was circulated during the Sheepshead Bay re-zoning), his hypocrisy in crusading to “preserve” said waterfront he gladly took money to destroy in confronting Cherry Hill Market, we know locally Mr. Kruger hasn’t met a dollar he didn’t like.

Clearly, Mr. Kruger cares only about Mr. Kruger. According to many conversations I’ve had over the years, he indiscriminately screws over friend and foe alike if it suits him. And in doing so, he takes no position of his own – let alone represents his constituency’s position - and gladly accepts money from anyone and everyone, no matter the cause or position.

In many respects, Mr. Kruger imposes personality over progress. Being part of a decision isn’t enough - he must have the spotlight. And more often than not, matters are left worse off as a result of his participation. He is the proverbial sound and fury that ultimately signifies nothing. In political parlance, he’s a “wind bag”.

In my humble opinion, Mr. Kruger is an embarrassment to our community, but at the same time, I believe that we really have no one to blame but ourselves for sending this blight back to Albany election after election. We enabled him. We are his accomplices silently letting him run roughshod over NY State and our community.

The enabling must stop for our sake, and the sake of the State. It’s time to put an end to Mr. Kruger’s term of service.

It’s our responsibility to make things right by removing Mr. Kruger from office. I don’t care if you’re Republican , Democrat, Independent, Martian, whatever – I think we all recognize that Mr. Kruger’s brand of politics is counter-productive. We can no longer stand idly by and allow this man to continue in his selfish and destructive manner of governing.

I only hope that someone steps up to this battle – I know I will stand behind that person.


Abe said...

I would support anyone who runs against Kruger. He says he's working hard to solve the budget crisis, when he was one of the 4 freaks who held up the senate for a month!

I would not be shocked at all if he received thousands of dollars from the organization, Agudat Israel, and because of that his vote for bigotry. Agudat has pretty much expressed it's interest in some sort of theocracy. I wish someone had the audacity to run against Kruger. Though we would need community leadership support (i.e. Anthony Weiner, Lew Fidler, Helene Weinstein etc.)

Gene Berardelli said...

Abe: I followed the link you provided to your blog on Room Eight. I appreciate the mention, if not by name, and share your concerns about Mr. Kruger. I look forward to your future work.

Any opponent with a shot at winning would have to be well-funded and have a politically cunning team and well-organized operation. But I'd even settle for a tenacious campaign that, if anything, shows Mr. Kruger for who he is.

Abe said...

I honestly forgot your name, until someone mentioned it in the comment section.

I would be satisfied if Kruger has to spend a 1/4 of that 2 million in the campaign chest, to save his seat. Though hopefully he learns his lesson from what is going to happen to Pedro Espada next election, and not try to pull the crap he did.