Is That A Challenge? Damn Right It Is!

If you came looking for a post-mortem of my City Council campaign, then you'll go wanting. The time for reflection is over - I'll gladly discuss the intricacies of the campaign with those who wish to really delve into the details one-on-one.

So for now, I take a cue from the campaign: Move Forward. Never Look Back.

And it's of "moving forward" that I wish to talk about today. I'll keep this short.

Today, the Kings County Republican Committee took up the cause of some young HS students who wished to speak out against "Obama-Care". but their school wouldn't allow them under their own name for fear of losing their non-profit status. Their parents even went as far as to say that they couldn't use their own last names for fear of reprisal. The rally, held in Bay Ridge, was well attended given the timeliness of notice and organizing effort of both students and others. By all accounts, the crowd in attendance - many of whom were faces I hadn't seen at other events - left with a positive view of the effort, and were roused by some great speeches, especially from one student organizer.

Then I come home and go online, and find whining and complaining and ridiculous conspiracy theories about this event, probably by those who either didn't attend or who still choose to put hubris ahead of working for progress. I won't even dignify the comments with a link.

So for me, it's "line in the sand" time.

For nearly a month now within the Kings County Republican Party, I've seen nothing but idle prattle from all sides, but especially from those who feel "reform" amounts to anonymous personal attacks mixed in with continuous bitching and sentiments of entitlement. While I understand the need to vent frustration for perceived wrongdoing, the time has come and passed.

Now is the time for new ideas, new points of view and to put aside hubris and paranoia. It's time to work.

So to all, I issue this challenge: You have an idea? You think you can fix things? You know better?

Bring it.

I want to hear it all. Let's get past the pettiness and let's get constructive. Use the comments section and brainstorm for all to see. And I don't mean comments like "We need _____." - if you're pointing out a problem, offer a solution. Show that you have something valuable to offer in word, if not in deed.

I promise that I won't hold back in praise or critique - and personality will not come before substance. The only condition I have is that you use your real name as a sign that you have the courage of your convictions and will be accountable.

Anyone can complain. Let's get real.

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